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Turnaround time is 10 ~ 13 working days. More than 10,000, please contact us.
Size/Style/QTY 100 250 500 1,000 1,500 2,000 3,000 5,000 10,000

Key cards
$170.00 $190.00 $210.00 $250.00 $290.00 $330.00 $430.00 $790.00 $1,270.00
2.12" x 1.10 "(54x28mm), 1/8"(5mm) hole, 30mil

Flat Printing
+$20.00 +$25.00 +$30.00 +$45.00 +$60.00 +$80.00 +$100.00 +$120.00 +$150.00
Flat Words or Numbering, Sequential numbering or individual serial numbering of cards with provided database.

Bar Code
+$20.00 +$25.00 +$30.00 +$45.00 +$60.00 +$80.00 +$100.00 +$120.00 +$150.00
Code 39, 128A, UPC-A, EAN etc. Sequential numbering or individual serial numbering of cards with provided database.

Scratch Panel
+$20.00 +$25.00 +$30.00 +$45.00 +$60.00 +$80.00 +$100.00 +$120.00 +$150.00
Include numbering, Scratch-off overlay panels to be used for special promotions and contests.

Signature stripe
+$20.00 +$25.00 +$30.00 +$45.00 +$60.00 +$80.00 +$100.00 +$120.00 +$150.00
White, clear signature panel. Signature and custom signature panels are available

Frost Finishing
+$50.00 +$60.00 +$70.00 +$80.00 +$90.00 +$100.00 +$120.00 +$140.00 +$170.00
Frosted gives it sort of a textured look. Any image can be printed on our frosted cards.

Matt Finishing
+$50.00 +$60.00 +$70.00 +$80.00 +$90.00 +$100.00 +$120.00 +$140.00 +$170.00
Not reflecting lightnot glossy.

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ToMyPrint uses PVC Plastic to produce plastic cards or PVC cards. We provide full color litho printed PVC cards solutions that are strongest and long-lasting. ToMyPrint's plastic cards are similar to the banking credit cards that are litho printed and give a professional glance and sense, not like the composite ones which have paper within.

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